Can a sexual partner be your friend?

When looking for sex over the internet, you may not necessarily be looking for sex but just a friend or person to talk to. Yes, sex will also be something you want but it’s just not all you want.

Therefore, there is a pertinent question when we talk about call girls or escorts, that if these people can be our friends at the same time that they give us pleasure.

Can an escort be our friend?

When we are looking for an escort in Rio de Janeiro and we find the ideal person, we make a first contact via WhatsApp or telephone to find out what program they offer and how much it costs. From then on, if we are nice to her, we also get some of her attention and friendship. That friendship is defined in time, while you’re paying you’ll be able to talk to her about everything you want. But, it’s time you’re paying and she can be the best person for you, the person you want.

The same happens with escorts in Rio de Janeiro, because you are looking not only for women but also for men, something that is becoming very popular and is no longer taboo these days.

Does this friendship last after my time?

We believe that most people do not maintain a friendship relationship after being paid for your service, since you are paying and the person is not obliged to maintain a friendship relationship with you after your payment. If you want to see the person you picked up again, you can be with them more often, and as you get to know them you can talk to them a little more about more subjects.

If you have a friendship with that person, it will depend on the two of you, but it is not something that is mandatory and you need the consent of the person you are paying for the service.

What can I ask for besides friendship?

When you hire an escort, you can talk about what you want. There are some fetishes that you can ask for, and that can be performed by the person you choose.

You can choose to just have normal sex, have sex with anal sex, or even a blowjob to the end. These are some examples of what you can ask for, but there are other things you can ask for that are more specific, such as for example that the person is dressed as a schoolgirl, or that they do some role play with you.

Is it worth hiring escort services?

With each passing year Brazil is no longer thinking of sex bought through a service as something bad, people are more used to this type of requests and there are more people you can find on the internet for this purpose. You can choose people with a certain height, with whiter or darker skin, in short, you can choose through a digital menu.

Therefore, it is really worth hiring these people to have your friendship and also your moment of pleasure.


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