Italian athlete loses race trying to prevent his penis from escaping his shorts

During the 400 meters event at the U-20 Athletics World Championship in Cali, Colombia, 18-year-old Italian Alberto Nonino found himself in a very unusual and embarrassing situation. Alberto, who started the race well, ended up having to hit him with his penis trying to escape through his shorts, delaying him and leaving him in last place.

A few hours later, Alberto Nonino commented on Instagram:

“Hi everyone, I just wanted to talk about the uproar that has been unleashed on social media/blogs in general. I’ll point out that it was obviously an accident and I tell you I know, you don’t need to send me tons of blog links. Now I’m taking it for a laugh, but soon after I got really sick and I’m grateful to my friends and family who helped me get through what happened a few hours later.”

“The journalistic world is concerned about cases of bullying throughout Italy and the world, but then it makes these articles that for a more sensitive person could have done a lot of harm”.


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