Sex courses: know what you need to be good in bed

Knowing, studying and researching about sex can make your intimate life healthier. This is what Rati Educação advocates, a company offering online sex courses aimed at the arts of
bitching. Rati argues that the difference in the proposal of these courses is that they are taught by someone who really knows sex in practice. All instructors are adult content producers, camgirls, porn actresses or sex therapists.

Why take sex courses?

Unfortunately, we are not always able to acquire the necessary knowledge to be good in bed on our own. Many times we spend years perpetuating bad habits that make us lose several chances to have amazing fucks. This is where the importance of studying about sex comes in, beyond what we see in pornography (which, by the way, if used correctly, can be a good source of learning).

Whatever your way of dealing with the evolution of sexual knowledge, facts are facts: it is essential to know how your body can give and receive more pleasure. In this sense, sex courses made by those who understand the subject may be exactly what you were missing for you to become an expert in whoring.

How much do sex courses cost?

At Rati Prime, the subscriber has access for a fixed price to several courses and individual classes.
Below you can see the courses that are currently available unlimited from R$ 14.

Practical Tantric Massage Course

Perfect course for men and women who want to learn tantric massage from the most basic concepts. It serves both to “spice up” sex and to have more self-knowledge and sexual satisfaction. The course is taught by sexologist Jennifer Miatti, who has developed a super “straight to the point” method, with practical demonstrations on a female model and a man. During classes, the teacher shows the massage while explaining each technique she uses to provide intense orgasms.

What do you learn in the tantric massage course?
● Tantric massage in practice, from beginning to end with man and woman;
● Practical sexual connection exercises;
● Materials and care for a tantric massage;
● Techniques adapted to your personal reality.

Course How Not to Enjoy Fast – A Lover from Zero to 10

Do you know why sex courses with methods to cure premature ejaculation don’t work? Because none of them teaches you to master ejaculation through guided jerking off. In this course, students learn to control ejaculation time with the camgirl Pocahontas, who gathered techniques and secrets to improve sexual performance. She teaches you to master the art of enjoying at the right time or only when you want to. The method provides the gain of precious minutes before ejaculation. Pocahontas teaches exercises to give much more pleasure in sex and be a lover with a 10. In addition to the video lessons, the course has a free ebook with 9 steps to be a good man in bed.

Click to access the free course ebook.

Anal sex classes for beginners

In a combo of three quick classes, porn actresses Amanda Borges, Ágatha Ludovino, Qween Godess, Teh Angel and Lady Milf teach the art of anal sex for those who are just starting out. They reveal everything: plugs, dildos, ways to stimulate beyond the penis, anal relaxation tips and psychological preparation.

Golden Finger Course – Diamond Tongue

This course is for anyone who wants to give much more pleasure in sex. After all, it’s common to have doubts when touching, using your mouth or penetrating a vulva; this happens to men and even women who like other women. With that in mind, sex educator Ana Canziani offered 11 classes on female anatomy, with theory and demonstrations of the various techniques that can lead to orgasm.

During classes, Ana teaches that the clitoris is much more than “just a dot” and that other regions of the vulva provide pleasure when explored correctly. Students learn to have the necessary precision and delicacy to offer all possibilities of sexual pleasure.

Course Sex positions for people with pussy

These are classes aimed at men and women, cis or trans, who want to learn sexual positions to practice with anyone who has pussy. The performers XDemonica and Luiza Tormenta teach seven positions in practice and explicitly, which provide many forms of pleasure. The proof is the teachers’ orgasms during each class (this part is really unmissable).

Practical course Kama Sutra – Sexual Positions

Anyone who thinks that the Kama Sutra is synonymous with tiresome sexual juggling is wrong. How about learning to explore this manual in a simple way with a super sexy couple testing positions and explaining the techniques? Fabiane Thompson shows 15 sexual positions from the Kama Sutra in detail in the classes of this course.

All positions are accessible to people of different ages and physical conditions. As an apprenticeship, students obtain high pleasure techniques to impress in sex or to scare away the monotony of “mom and dad”. In addition, they learn variations on masturbation and oral sex taken directly from the Kama Sutra. Do you want to have a sample of 72 positions that the manual offers? Access the free ebook from Rati Education.

Sex in Pregnancy course

It is a fact that sex during pregnancy has peculiarities. However, in the face of challenges, many couples end up failing to fully experience active sexuality during this phase. To help those who are facing this difficulty, Emme White, one of the most awarded porn actresses in Brazil, offers an explicit course, which was recorded during her pregnancy.

Students have access to demonstrations given by Emme and actor Loupan. They teach which positions are safe and pleasurable and give information about anal sex during pregnancy, massages, sex toys and masturbation for two. During classes, they also comment on the changes that occur in sexuality during these months of waiting.

“My boyfriend is a podiatrist, now what?”

This class is aimed at those who relate to people who have a foot fetish. This fetish is the most common that exists, however, many people feel insecure and lost in front of it. Porn actresses Qween Godess, Teh Angel and Lady Milf give tips to learn how to deal with this process in a pleasant way for those involved.

Aula de squirting

In this quick class, men and women can learn how to have or provide their partner with jet orgasms that some movies show — and that many people go crazy to see live. Several factors are involved in obtaining squirting and all of them are presented in an uncomplicated way in this class available at Rati Prime. Who teaches is adult content producer Qween Godess, a goddess of pleasure who dominates orgasms with jets. In addition to explaining how to obtain female ejaculation, the teacher demonstrates several orgasms with squirting obtained in different ways.

fisting class

For those who enjoy this extreme form of penetration, which involves the hand and even part of the forearm, seeking knowledge is fundamental. Aiming at this need, Bia Roman, fisting practitioner and adult content producer, offers an online class at Rati Prime.

Bia is a staunch supporter of an intriguing sexual proposal: decentralizing pleasure from Organs genitals and exploring other parts of the body. Fisting, according to her, offers this possibility,
after all, both the person who receives and the one who provides the fisting feels a pleasure that does not depend on the penis. She guides students down the path to safe, complete, and safe penetration.
provides the feeling of full filling with fisting.

Treinamento Bad Bitch

“Good girls make money, but bad girls make a lot more.” This is what the professor of this course defends, whose proposal is to make the students stop being good girls and become the best. The taboo on sexual exposure makes women (and some men too) afraid to embrace opportunities in the adult market. To break these taboos, entrepreneur Beatriz Povreslo, better known by her stage name DJ Brisa, created an online course that teaches a combination to achieve success, sexual freedom, financial independence and getting rid of your boss for good.

The course is for camgirls, camboys and anyone who wants to sell adult content on the internet. In the course’s six lessons, she covers topics such as sexual empowerment through intimate makeover, organizing finances and creating adult content. Those who purchase will have access to a bonus class on how to turn Instagram into an attraction and opportunity machine.

Introduction to Camming Course

Being a successful camgirl or camboy involves a number of skills that have changed since the camming market first emerged. The pandemic has boosted the earnings of virtual strippers, but it can still be difficult to find a course like this one by camgirl and screenwriter Anita Saltiel in such an uncomplicated and accessible way.

After all, how can you shine as a camgirl among so many other professionals? In the course of just three classes, students will learn the basics about camgirl activities, as well as tips for dealing with the bureaucracy of camming sites, how to behave in front of cameras and earn more money by taking advantage of the different chats offered by the Cam platform. Privet.

So, let’s study sex?

With so much variety of sex courses, surely one of them fits your needs and curiosities. Some classes are less than five minutes long, so let’s put the excuses aside and get started right now. Don’t leave for tomorrow the sexual knowledge that you can obtain today, get to know Rati Educação.

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